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Timeshare Brown Bag Leather and Lace

NEW THIS YEAR.  You have the option of making a larger quilt by purchasing TWO IDENTICAL BAGS. One kit will make the quilt 52” by 68” without borders. Two bags will make a quilt 84” by 84” without borders.3 yards for border and binding, Creative Grids Multi Size Triangle 45 and 90 Degrees Quilt Ruler is the recommended ruler

All clue’s will be mailed on Friday’s.  Video clues will be uploaded to the Facebook page on Saturday’s!

Clue #1 mailed March 17, video clue March 18.

Clue #2 mailed March 31, video clue April 1. 

Clue #3 mailed April 14, video clue April 15. 

Clue #4 mailed April 28, video clue April 28.

Clue #5 mailed May 12, video of the big reveal, May 13.

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